Promotion Ceremony 16.09.2019, HSG Campus, St. Gallen, CH

What is PsySmart?

Psysmart is a cooperation of two experts in the field of mental health in companies with a background in management, industrial psychology and practical experience in psychotherapy and coaching. We combine our combined expertise to offer you innovative and scientifically based consulting services, training and individual treatments in the focus area of mental health for individuals and companies.

Who is PsySmart?

Psysmart was founded by Dr. Lars Kreissner and Dr. Anna Brzykcy. We hold a PhD in Business Administration from the renowned Management University of St. Gallen (HSG) and both have an academic background in Psychology. In addition to our strong research background, we have extensive professional experience in psychotherapy or systemic coaching and lecturing on various issues at the intersection of mental health, leadership and management at academic and private institutions. We worked on the concept of PsySmart already during our time as doctoral and office colleagues. Our dream was to combine scientific research findings in mental health and psychotherapy with sound management concepts and coaching approaches and make them applicable to mental health promotion. Despite the tremendous pressures of Corona, we have now realized our vision in 2020.

What are our goals with PsySmart?

Our goal is to provide innovative, scientifically based and practical approaches to promote mental health in companies. Furthermore, to offer evidence-based coaching for individuals. To this end, we use our unique combination of professional expertise and practical know-how to generate novel and tailored consulting and treatment services at the intersection of science and practice.


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